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Friday, December 30, 2011

Set that timer!

Flylady says
"You can do anything for 15 minutes at a time!"
and--she's right!
I used to think
(first mistake! lol!)
that I knew better-I didn't need a timer...
but then I often found myself
starting one project---
seeing something else that needed doing
and, before I knew it,
I was off on three or four or more tangents
getting nothing completed!
Enter the timer.
I set it for 15 minutes.
and I would stay focused!
At the end I had a choice:
I could take a break
(which Flylady advocates!)
or reset it.
Depending on how big the project was
(her other advice is
don't take out/take on more than you can do in one hour)
I would pick and choose what to do next.
Sometimes it's go into another room and work for 15 minutes (or more)
and come back to the first project
or put my feet up and blog hop for a few minutes.
for example,
I tackled the dreaded desk drawers with my filing.
A system that was simply open the drawer, throw  cram it in
and try and wedge the drawer shut!
I got out a storage box, the paper shredder
and yes, the timer
and went to work.
Imagine my surprise when,
yep, only 15 minutes later---
I had FINISHED the dreaded drawer.
The files that needed to be saved were stored-
I had filled TWO TRASH BAGS
with shredded stuff
and chose to move on to the second and last drawer.
In less than one hour...
I had two drawers finished!

Flylady's system works-if you work it!
Think of it as your getting organized 12-step program!
I am up, dressed (we won't talk about the shoes...)
and ready to tackle taking down Christmas.
I am so over it and ready to move on.
So as the stuff that I put up comes down,
I will also move up into the attic
and try and declutter the tons and tons of
Christmas stuff stored up there
that we don't want/use/need
and organize, pack and store our treasures.
I will bless someone else with what's usable
and toss what isn't.
Will I get it all done today?
I doubt it.
My goal today is---
to get what's up and out gathered into one spot.
After that-who knows!
Bet it takes me 15 minutes or less---
Ready? Get set...GO~!
Until next time,
Happy flyladying to you!

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