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Friday, January 6, 2012

I haven't run away!

Happy (belated!) New Year!
It's just been a busy week around here
(see my other blog to catch up!)

is my day off.
I started back in the craft room---
and managed to unload one or two boxes that needed sorting.
I had made a path in there
and have enjoyed going in after dinner
with nice low light
and my new dvd/cd player
and doing some yoga.
Back (?) issues have hindered
but hopefully on the mend in that regard.
I took a time out this am
ran my on-island errands
and came back and did my
and yes, because I have been flying most days---
I did it in ONE HOUR!
Now I am off to run one more errand
and to declutter the car-
you know
the old drink cups, wrappers
the jar I accidentally broke--
the odds and ends that don't get thrown out
carried in
put away...
it, too, will take-you guessed it-
15 minutes or less!
is my office after holiday party
(Christmas schedules are so chaotic last year we opted
to celebrated after it was all over!)
and tomorrow
I am going shopping-
if I am lucky, Theresa will go with me!
So---set that timer
and start your HOME BLESSING HOUR...
Until next time,

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  1. I'm excited to see you're still FLYing. Good on you! :-)